St. Andrew’s depends on generous donations from both members of the congregation, and from individuals living in the greater community to fund our various local, national and international ministries. We thank you for choosing to donate to St. Andrew’s!

All donations will be acknowledged when received, and a tax receipt will be issued at the beginning of 2025.

Instructions to Donate via INTERAC ® e-Transfer

1. Access your banking software using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. Send an INTERAC ® e-Transfer to:

3. Write “Address” as the security question.

4. The answer to the security question is “496Birch” – no space between the number and the name of the street.

5. Write the designation of the offering on the message line. (For example: Operating Fund, Building Fund, Presbyterians Sharing etc.)

6. Click “Send money” (or complete the transaction according to your own banking software).


Cheques should be payed to the order of:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church St Lambert

On the cheque memo line please indicate the designation of the offering. For example: Operating Fund, Building Fund, Presbyterians Sharing, etc.

Cheques can be brought in-person or mailed through the regular post to:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
496 Birch
Saint Lambert, QC
J4P 2M8

For ECS Food bank donations please visit: