October 2nd 2022 – “Crazy Investments”

2022-10-02 Sunday Service 11:00 AM - “Crazy Investments”

Dear all,

This Sunday, the Rev. Ian Fraser, a retired minister of the Presbytery of Montreal, will be leading worship as well as outlining the process that lies ahead for us as we consider our future.

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday and we will join with Christians around the globe in celebrating our unity through Christ. We have learned in the past three years that we live in a world that is much more connected than we had ever imagined. Imagine a world where Christ’s compassion would spread just as rapidly!

Ian will focus worship on Jeremiah and a land investment that he made. Jeremiah was much more adept at proclaiming God’s message than property management, but his purchase is a lesson for us all.

Order of Service

World Communion Sunday

Called to Worship
Call to Worship
Hymn 304: v. 1 fr., v. 1 Eng, v. 2 fr, v. 3 Eng
“Les cieux et la terre”
Prayer of Adoration & Confession
The Pardon and Peace

The Word Proclaimed
The Scriptures
Responsive reading: Psalm 96
Jeremiah 32: 1-3, 6-15
Luke 4: 16-21
Hymn 685: “How Firm a Foundation” (omit v. 4)
Sermon: “Crazy Investments”

The Word Made Visible
Hymn 528: “Jesus calls us here to meet him”

The Going Out
Hymn 775: “Sent forth by your blessing”
Go now in Peace