May 21, 2023 -“When questions don’t matter!”

2023-05-21 "Waiting" 11 AM

Dear friends, 

This Sunday the Rev. Linda Faith Chalk will be leading us in worship. 

Our gospel lesson is taken from Luke 24: 44-53, the ascension of Jesus Christ.  Before leaving His disciples, He gave them some instructions and some promises.  How they spent their time as they waited for those promises to be fulfilled can be instructive to us as we live between the ‘already’ and ‘not yet’ of God’s kingdom.  The late Presbyterian pastor and theologian, Timothy Keller, had this to say about Christ’s ascension: “He controls all things for the church, and therefore you can face the world with peace in your heart… He’s at the right hand of God as the executive director of history, directing everything for the benefit of the church. If you belong to him, then everything that happens ultimately happens for you.”  What comfort we have in our Good Shepherd! 

Order of Service

Call to Worship
Hymn 327: “Sing praise to God who reigns above”
Prayer of Adoration
Prayer of Confession
Declaration of Grace
The Lord’s Prayer
Children’s Time
Hymn 442: “Speak Lord in the stillness”
Responsive Reading: Psalm 47
Gloria Patri
Acts 1: 1-11
Ephesians 1: 15-23
Luke 24: 44-53
Sermon: “When questions don’t matter!”
Confession of Faith – The Apostles’ Creed
Hymn 273: “Jesus, our mighty Lord”
Offering and Offertory
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession
Hymn 274: “Crown him with many crowns” (vs 3 & 4 en français)
Go now in peace