June 12th 2022 – “Communion with the Trinity”

Depiction of the Trinity
2022-06-12 Trinity Sunday 11:00 AM - "Communion with the Trinity”

Dear all,

Tomorrow is both communion and Trinity Sunday.  Two weeks ago was Ascension Sunday when we remembered Jesus’ ascension to power at the right hand of God the Father. Last week was Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the church. An obvious question is how the ascended Jesus and  Holy Spirit are related to God the Father?  The answer that the early church came to, after some argument and controversy, is the doctrine of the Trinity.  While there are still ongoing arguments  (the Copts in Egypt insist that Jesus had only a divine nature rather than two natures (divine and human) that is the majority view; Roman Catholic and Orthodox argue about whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone or the Father and the son), these are minor details.  The main point, on which Christians of all denominations agreed is that our Trinitarian understanding of God is what is basic and distinctive about our faith.  Tomorrow we will focus on this Russian orthodox icon of the Trinity which those who go to coffee hour should recognize.

Icons are intended to be used for worshipful meditation and contemplation of  the mystery of the Trinity. So we will use it as our jumping off point for a communion mediation. The three persons of the Trinity are gathered round the communion table and invite us to join with them in their dance of love.

Order of Service

TRINITY SUNDAY June 12, 2022
Call to Worship
Hymn #299: “Holy, holy, holy”
Prayer of Adoration
Prayer of Confession and Declaration of Grace
Responsive reading: Psalm 8
Proverbs 8: 1-4; 22-31
Anthem: Psaume 8
Romans 5:1-5
John 16: 12-15
Hymn 394: “Come thou almighty king”
Sermon: “Communion with the Trinity ”
Hymn 524: “We come as guests invited”
Hymn #295: “When long before time”
Go now in peace