December 17th 2023 “One we wait for”

2023-12-17 “Comfort” 11 AM

Dear friends,

THIS SUNDAY the Rev. Dr. Roland De Vries will again be leading us in worship, and we will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper. 

One of the communion hymns from our Book of Praise offers this lovely invitation to the table of the Lord:

All who hunger, gather gladly; Holy manna is our bread.

Come from wilderness and wandering.  Here in truth you will be fed.

You that yearn for days of fullness, all around us is our food.

Taste and see the grace eternal.  Taste and see that God is good.

We come on Sunday to taste and see that God is good; that, in Christ, God nourishes and blesses us for the journey of life.

For those joining us through livestream on YouTube, a reminder to provide your own communion elements for this Sunday’s service.  For those participating in person, the communion wafers are gluten free and the inner ring of glasses on the communion trays contain white grape juice—the outer ring is red wine.

OUR SCRIPTURE LESSON THIS WEEK is from the Prophet Isaiah, Chapter 11.  It is a lovely text that has its own meaning in the history of the Hebrew people.  When the first followers of Jesus read this text, it also made them think of Jesus—and we will read it in that way on Sunday morning.

Order of Service

Lighting of the Advent candle & Hymn 119: Hope is a star (vs 3)
Call to worship
Hymn 110: “Come thou long-expected Jesus”
Prayer of Adoration
Prayer of Confession
Declaration of Grace
Choir Anthem: Il est né le divin enfant
Children’s Time
Hymn 204 “Thou didst leave thy throne”
Responsive Reading: Psalm 26
Gloria Patri
1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24 (en français – English on the screen)
Isaiah 11: 1-10
Sermon: “One we wait for”
Apostles’ Creed
Offering and Offertory
Invitation to the Table
Hymn 534: “All who hunger, gather gladly.
Lord’s Supper with Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
Prayer after Communion
Hymn 141: “Good Christians, all rejoice.”
Go now in peace