December 10th 2023 -“One voice out of many”

2023-12-10 “One voice out of many” 11 AM

Dear friends, 

THIS SUNDAY the Rev. Linda Faith Chalk will be leading us in worship.

OUR OLD TESTAMENT LESSON is Isaiah 40: 1-11, “Comfort for God’s people.”  As we step into the second week of Advent, we reflect on the profound anticipation of the birth of the Christ child and the eagerly awaited return of our Messiah from his heavenly throne (we recite this in the 6th and 7th article of the Apostles Creed).  Isaiah 40 serves as a powerful prophecy, foretelling the arrival of the promised Christ child.  In this season of expectation, may these verses deepen our connection to the significance of Christ’s coming and inspire us to prepare our hearts for both his historical birth and his future triumphant return.

Order Of Service

Lighting of the second Advent candle
Hymn 119: Hope is a star (vs 2)
Call to Worship
Hymn 118: “Hark the glad sound”
Prayer of Adoration
Prayer of Confession
Declaration of Grace
The Lord’s Prayer
Children’s Time
Hymn 128: “There’s a voice in the wilderness crying”
Responsive Reading: Psalm 85
Gloria Patri
Isaiah 40: 1-11 (en français BFC – English on the screen)
2 Peter 3: 8-15
Mark 1: 1-8
Sermon: “One voice out of many”
Confession of Faith – The Apostles’ Creed
Hymn 126: “On Jordan’s bank” (vs 4 en français)
Offering and Offertory
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession
Hymn 129: “Prepare the way O Zion”
Go now in peace